Port Futures

Co-coordinated by DRC members Sean Burkholder and Brian Davis, the Port Futures project is an ongoing effort funded by the Great Lakes Protection Fund. The project design/development was funded at $78,500 in 2016 and the three-year implementation portion begins in 2018 and is funded at $1.6 million.

The goal of Port Futures is to create a decision-making process to discover, describe, and assess sediment management strategies that treat sediment as a water-transported resource with four kinds of value: navigational, economic, urban, and ecological. The goal is to allow sediment managers to capture the social, ecological and economic benefits that sediment management might provide, and to conceive of sediment management projects on long time scales and in specific sites that might benefit local communities and taxpayers, thereby making maintenance of navigation something that a broader constituency is invested in.

**The featured maps were created with Matt Moffitt and Tess Ruswick.