DredgeFest California is a week-long event about the human manipulation of sediments in California’s Bay-Delta. It will be held in the Bay Area in June, 2016.

• Two day-long tours of dredged landscapes—from navigational dredging of the bay to levees in the watery tracts of the delta.

• One five-day workshop which engages local stakeholders, experts (from academia, industry, and government), and students in an intensive futures-oriented visioning and visualization process. Participants will join for periods ranging from a single afternoon to the full week.

DredgeFest California will address local conversations about sediment management in the context of climate change, sea-level rise, wetland restoration, the cultural landscape heritage of the Bay-Delta, and public waterfront access. These issues are critical to the present and future health of California’s Bay-Delta.

The San Francisco Estuary Partnership’s 2015 State of the Estuary report notes:

“Innovative thinking about sediment sources, transport and delivery to the Estuary is now an urgent priority. Restoring processes of sediment movement in the watershed and creating methods to deliver sediment… are both valuable approaches for restoring this fundamental physical driver. Like fresh water, sediment is a precious resource that is essential for keeping the Estuary healthy.”

DredgeFest California is driven by the belief that sediment projects have the potential to not only satisfy immediate economic needs, like the provision of navigation through channel dredging, but also to create additional long-term value for the cultural, ecological, and economic contexts that they are embedded in. We seek to build public constituencies for this potential value and to facilitate the envisioning of these potential futures.

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DredgeFest California is organized by the Dredge Research Collaborative, an independent 501c3 nonprofit.

Call for Participants
We are currently looking for workshop participants. Interested parties should contact Brett Milligan (bmilligan@ucdavis.edu) and Rob Holmes (rob.holmes@ufl.edu).

We are currently seeking sponsors for DredgeFest California; interested parties should contact Rob Holmes (rholmes@dredgeresearchcollaborative.org).

DredgeFest is an independent event series with no single backer or sponsor; previous DredgeFests have received support from a wide range of entities such as the University of Minnesota, Louisiana State University, the Bush Foundation, Landscape Architecture Magazine, Great Lakes Dredge and Dock, the Duluth Seaway Port Authority, Arcadis, and TenCate.

For media inquiries, general questions, or other matters besides sponsorship, contact Tim Maly (tmaly@dredgeresearchcollaborative.org).

The Four Coasts Project
DredgeFest is a roving event series, with the first four editions of DredgeFest spanning the four coasts of the continental United States.

Atlantic The first DredgeFest was held in New York City on September 28 and 29, 2012. DredgeFest NYC was organized in partnership with Studio-X NYC, an arm of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation; sponsored by Arcadis, TenCate, and TWFM Ferry; and featured speakers and content from agencies including the US Army Corps of Engineers, National Park Service, Environmental Protection Agency, and New York City Economic Development Corporation. The event was covered in The Atlantic Monthly, Wired Design, Urban Omnibus,Dredging Today, Scenario Journal, Landscape Architecture Frontiers China, and Landscape Architecture Magazine. A full description and video archive of the event can be found here.

Gulf  The second DredgeFest was held in Louisiana from January 11 to 17, 2014. Partners included the Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture at Louisiana State University, the Coastal Sustainability Studio at Louisiana State University, the Center for Land Use Interpretation, Gulf Coast Public Lab, and Scenario Journal. A full description and (eventually) video archive can be found here.

Great Lakes The third DredgeFest was held in Minnesota from August 14 to 21, 2015. DredgeFest Great Lakes was hosted by the University of Minnesota’s School of Architecture and Department of Landscape Architecture. DredgeFest Great Lakes was supported by donations and funding from the University of Minnesota Imagine Chair in the Arts, Design and Humanities, University of Minnesota Imagine Special Events Fund, University of Minnesota College of DesignUniversity of Minnesota School of ArchitectureLandscape Architecture MagazineGreat Lakes Dredge and DockBay WestCity of Duluth, and the Duluth Seaway Port AuthorityAdditional promotional support was provided by Minnesota chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects. Event details can be found here.